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PrimoComm's Mission & Vision

PrimoCommm’s vision is to create and build a business that helps other businesses succeed.


By providing access to information to help inform and guide companies when developing a content strategy for their business.

By offering a range of well designed, informative and engaging online training courses in various areas of content creation and production.


When it comes to content creation and management, there are new methods, technologies and best practices for use in today’s information age. PrimoComm has discovered that the opportunity to become educated and exploit these technologies are few and far between. This puts most companies at a disadvantage.

PrimoComm aims to provide training in all aspects of content/information creation, management and output in business and technical communication.


  • To empower and enable companies to take control of their content and make informed decisions that best fit their individual business needs.
  • To this end, inform companies of the methods, best practices and technologies available to them.
  • To provide guidance on the best solutions that meets these needs of their business.
  • To outline the necessary skills required to implement and sustain an effective content strategy.

Our Model


PrimoComm is a new company. As we develop and grow over the coming months and years, we aim to build a knowledge center of information that will be available online to help guide you in as many aspects of content strategy, production and management as possible. We will provide this information via our knowledge center which will be developed based on your needs. We are developing our content which will include feedback we receive through our online community forum. In the meantime, see what is new in our blog by following the link below.

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PrimoComm aims to develop a new online community where together we can collate information, challenges, and problems relevant to today’s content development. We aim to create solutions to these challenges in order to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to educate and inform visitors to our site and we encourage you to join our community and report your issues. By doing this, our content and solutions will be driven by your needs. If you are interested in becoming part of our community, follow the link below.

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Online Training

We aim to provide structured opportunities for our customers to learn the skills and master technologies they need to produce and manage high-quality content that drives their business forward. Each of our courses is carefully constructed to guide you through the processes needed to master and get the most out of your subject of study. Our course design allows you to expect what you will achieve by the end of each lesson making it easy for you to track and monitor your progress throughout the course. All courses will be professionally accredited. To find out more about our online training, follow the link below.

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